Resin-Cast Dry-Type Power Transformer

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
Performance Features

  Each dry-type power transformer adopts cold-rolled, grain-oriented, quality silicon steel strips of high permeability, 45°total step-by-step mitered joints, and a special core structure consisting of square-tubes and drawplates. Core stems are banded with the aid of insulating tape and the core surface is painted with a special resin coat for most-proof and rust-proof purposes, so the no-load loss, no-load current, and core noise are effectually reduced.
  Each of our supplied dry-type power transformer is a quality one with high electrical strength, high mechanical strength, and high heat resistance, which is used in electric grid modification in urban areas, especially applicable to important points where fire-, explosion-, and moisture-proof conditions are required, such as high-rise buildings, airports, power stations, business centers, etc..


  -  Low Loss and Better Power Saving Performance, which bring about economic benefits in operation;
  -  Combustion Retardant, Explosion-Proof, Contamination-Free, Maintenance-Free; the product line may be installed on the load center in a detached
  manner, thereby reducing investment costs and saving expenditures;
  -  Local Discharge: <10PC; Moisture Free and Dust Proof Coils with a High Mechanical Strength and Satisfactory Reliability;
  -  High Short-Circuit Resistance and High Lightning Impulse Resistance;
  -  The Outer Cover Material: stainless steel or cold-rolled steel strips or aluminum alloy; Version: ventilating or radiating; Incoming and Outgoing Cables:
  top in and top out, or bottom in and top out, or bottom in and bottom out;
  -  As required by our users, the transformer may be furnished with a temperature control and temperature indication system, thus the transformer could
  be run in coordination with such a temperature control system.

Resin-Cast Dry-Type Power Transformer

  Implementation Standards
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  Dry-Type Power Transformers
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  1 High Insulation Strength
  Epoxy resin for casting purpose has following material features: an electric field intensity of 18~22kV/mm upon insulation puncture; a lightning impulse resistance roughly similar to that of an oil-immersed transformer at the same voltage level; insulation temperature level: F; maximum allowable temperature: 155℃; a limit in winding temperature rise: 100K;
  2 Strong Anti-Short-Circuit Capability
  Owing to resin material features above listed, with the aid of integral cast windings that may become a rigid body after heating and curing, a rather high mechanical strength is obtained. Several sudden short-circuit testing prove that there is rare resin-cast, dry-type power transformer damaged due to a short circuit incident;
  3 Outstanding Disaster-Proof Performance
  Epoxy resin is difficult to combust or combustion retardant and is able to quench by itself without inducing any secondary disaster like explosion;
  4 Advantageous Environmental Related Performance
  Epoxy resin is a rather chemically stable material, moisture-proof and dust-free, which may run reliable in abominable environments such as in a nasty atmosphere and even run normally under 100% humidity before being once more put into operation without any drying or preheating post operation stoppage;
  5 Maintenance Free
  With a perfect temperature controlling & indicating system available for use, currently epoxy resin-cast dry-type transformer may attain maintenance-free benefits and thereby largely reduce operators' burden and operational expenditures;
  6 Low in Operational Loss and High in Operational Efficiency;
  7 Low in Noise;
  8 Small in Volume, Light in Weight, and Convenient for Installation and Adjustment;
  9 Without needing any separate transformer room or any suspended core inspection , thereby saving holding lands;
  10 Strong Overload Capacity
  For SC(B) 9, 10, 11series product line, under an environmental temperature of 20℃, a 1.16 time long-term overload is allowed (within 60 minutes, a 1.5 time overload is acceptable); when a fan is used to give a forced air cooling (AF) to the transformer, a 1.5 time overload is permitted within a short term.
  Note: the master switch for the high/low voltage inlet/outlet of a transformer must be matched with the overloading capacity of the busbar (block).