High voltage switch cabi

HXGN15A-12 Model Stationary Indoor AC Metal-Enclosed Ring M

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  HXGN15A-12 model stationary indoor AC metal-enclosed ring main switchgear is a new type of high-voltage switch cabinet manufactured for urban power grid reconstruction and construction. It is also used for break of load current and short-circuit current and make of short-circuit current in power supply system, and applies to power distribution system of AC 3~12kV and 50Hz. Widely used in urban power grid construction and reconstruction project, industrial and mining enterprises, high building and public facilities, etc, it acts as ring main power supply unit and terminal equipment, and plays a role of power distribution and control and electric equipment protection, and can be installed in prefabricated transformer substation.
  - The cabinet body is of assembling structure and full metal-enclosed structure, of which the degree of protection is up to IP3X.

  - As the main component in cabinet, vacuum load-breaking switch (pressure-operated load-breaking switch and sulphur hexafluoride load-breaking switch) can be used in

  combination with fuse, earthing switch, voltage transformer and current transformer or be used separately, so as to meet different operation requirements, break load current and

  short-circuit current and make short-circuit current.`

  - Fuse equipped with current-limiting tripping device featuring impactor triggering.

  - Prominent isolating distance, operation linkage mechanism and interlock mechanism.
The Arrangement of Its Internal Structure 

  1.Earthing switch

  2.Operating mechanism

  3.Wall feed-through sleeve


  5.Fuse (isolation knife)

  6.Spring operation mechanism

  7.Vacuum load switch

  8.Voltage Transducer