Low voltage switch cabin

GCK Model low-Voltage Withdrawable Complete Switchgear

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters
  GCK model low-voltage withdrawable complete switchgear is widely used in power distribution center (PC) and motor control center (MCC) of power plant, transformer substation, industrial and mining enterprises and high building as low-voltage complete power distribution device for power distribution, motor concentrated control and reactive compensation of power generation/distribution system of AC 50 (60) Hz, rated operating voltage 380V (660V) and rated current 4000A and below.

Environmental Conditions for Product Use

  - Ambient air temperature should be no more than +40℃ and no less than -5℃, and average temperature within 24h should be no more than +35℃.

  - Altitude should be 1000m, users of high altitude region should indicate altitude upon ordering, and the product can meet requirement of user for altitude below 4000m.

  - Relative humidity of ambient air should be no more than 50% under the highest temperature +40℃, and larger relative humidity is allowed under low temperature (for example: 90% under temperature of +20℃).

  - The inclination from vertical plane should be no more than 5°upon installation of equipment.

  - Equipment should be installed at location free from violent shock and impact, and location free from corrosion of electric appliance component.

  - User can negotiate with manufacture to find out solution in case of special requirements.

  GCK model low-voltage withdrawable-type complete switchgear is a typical isolation withdrawable-type cabinet equipment, the interior of cabinet is divided into different functional compartments by using electroplating partition plate, all circuit components are installed in drawer of compartment in an uniform manner, drawer height can be changed with modulus 80mm as per function demand, and drawers of identical width, height and function can be interchanged.

  Featuring advantages such as high breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practical electric program, high seriality and commonality, combination of various program units at discretion, large number of circuits accommodated in one unit of cabinet, saving of land occupation area, good appearance, high degree of protection, safety and reliability and convenient repair, etc, the series of products is a popular product of low-voltage complete switchgear in China.

Main Circuit Program (see the following table)

  Auxiliary Circuit Program

  GCK auxiliary circuit is totally divided into two parts of AC and DC.

  Auxiliary circuit program of DC operation section is mainly used for normal control mode of low-voltage plant (station) service of power plant transformer substation and generator unit low-voltage station service, operating (backup) power supply incoming line, power supply feeder and motor feeder. Auxiliary program of AC operation section is mainly used for low-voltage system of substation of industrial and mining enterprises and high building. Auxiliary circuit program is designed on the basis of main circuit program branch power supply incoming line, feeder (PC) and functional unit of motor feeder (MCC) operation and control.

Selection of Electric Components

  Main electric components in cabinet adopt advanced products of China featuring high breaking capability, and imported technology products, and meet requirements on high performance of device. Such as: circuit breaker adopts F series of DW15, ME, AH, DZ20, TM30 and ABB; contactor adopts CJ20, 3TE and LC1, etc; and thermal relay adopts JR16, 3UA and LR1-D, etc.

  These components feature characteristics such as excellent performance, compact structure, light weight, short flashover or no flashover and high technical performance index, and meets requirements of this device.

Exterior Dimension and Installation Foundation

  See exterior dimension and installation foundation of product as per the following figure. Foundation channel steel and adopted bolt should be prepared by user. During connection of main busbar, in case of uneven surface caused due to reasons such as transportation and storage, it is necessary to connect and fasten after flattening.

Ordering Instructions

  It is necessary to provide following information upon ordering:

  1.Arrangement diagram of switch cabinet and floor plan of power distribution room

  2.Main circuit single wire system diagram and main busbar specification

  3.Schematic diagram of auxiliary circuit

  4.Model, specification and quantity of electric components in cabinet

  5.Degree of protection (IP30 or IP40) of cabinet enclosure or color of cabinet body

  6.Dimension of busbar duct in relation to cabinet body (excluding door thickness) and wall thickness

  7.Other special requirements that are not in compliance with normal usage conditions of product.